Silkscreen Camera Strap in Alex Bleeker

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We designed the fabric for this strap in collaboration with Alex Bleeker, the bass player for the band Real Estate. As Alex said in a recent interview for our magazine, "Straps can be pretty generic, you know. So to have something that is nice and feels like it has character is great."

This strap was a result of two years of pitching ideas to Alex. But with the help of artist & illustrator Matthew Sharer, we finally landed on something that fits his vibe. It's a silkscreen on 100% cotton canvas with quality leather end tabs and vintage-style hardware.

The pattern is based on a rug that Alex saw on a friend's couch. He saw it laying there and thought, "That's kinda my vibe."

2" wide / adjusts up to 65" long

Category: Silkscreen

Type: Camera Strap

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