Issue #24: Temples, Gibson's Artist in Residence, Drum & Lace, Rumble Seat Music + More

Issue #24: Temples, Gibson's Artist in Residence, Drum & Lace, Rumble Seat Music + More - Featured Image

We're back with the newest issue of our magazine!

Inside, we hang out with guitarist Adam Smith of UK band Temples and learn about his favorite tour memory. We meet up with Gibson's Artist in Residence, James A. Willis, at his Nashville loft and learn why he hides a pair of skeleton gloves under his rug. We speak with composer Sofia Hultquist of LA's Drum & Lace on her music and how film and fashion inspire her. We tour Rumble Seat Music and sit down with founder and owner, Eliot Micael, to chat about his favorite guitar, the '59 Gibson Les Paul Standard. We ask pastry chef, Sarah Dodge, of Atlanta's 8 Arm restaurant, which is better, waffles or pancakes? And, we've got Vol. 2 of our mixtape, plus a very special podcast with guest, Reed Turchi, on the similarities between hill country blues of north Mississippi and the desert blues of North Africa.

Dive in!

Here's to our amazing contributors: Kari Leigh Ames and Emily Quirk, Stephanie Nicole Smith, Desmond Smith, Mark Harrod, Lee McAlilly, and Liz Earle. Cover by Emily Quirk.

Original Fuzz
Original Fuzz


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