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One Spark Creator BadgeNext week kicks off One Spark. We're stoked. It starts on Wednesday, April 17 and runs until Sunday, April 21 when they announce who got the most votes, and thus the largest chunk of the $250,000 crowd fund. Full schedule here. If you're wondering what One Spark is, check it out. And then check out our One Spark profile.

Our booth is going to be at The Landing, so stop by and say hello. Of course our Barn Burner showcase is happening on Friday night (April 19). We're kicking that off at 6:15 and we have a killer lineup of bands as well as a DJ sets from e. lee of WJCT's Indie Endeavor. We are gonna be running well into the night.

On Saturday we'll also be in Hemming Plaza at 1:30 in the pitch deck. It's our chance to get on stage and give a 10-minute pitch about why we're a great company and a One Spark Creator worth your support.

Finally, don't forget to "Vote for Fuzz". You'll need to register as a One Spark voter on their website and then vote on your mobile phone while physically downtown or at a festival kiosk. If you stop by our booth we'll be happy to assist you in the voting process.

Poster for the First Annual One Spark Barn Burner, a showcase of local bands in downtown Jacksonville

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